Redirect your blogspot blog from http to https

Recently blogger added new feature to access your blogspot blog on a secure https connection.Hyper text transfer protocol secure is internet communication protocol that protects the integrity and confidentiality of your users data between the user’s computer and the site.It protects a site visitor or users personal information when he/she tries to enter information on your site for subscription or shopping.

Benefits of https site

  • Recently google added some weight to the https sites in their search algorithm and  boost your site ranking in google search result pages ( SERP).But we cannot expect a visible changes in ranking.
  • With https a user can safely browse your site as he is expecting a secure online experience which helps in building users trust.
  • It prevents stealing information and tracking activities of a user by eavesdroppers.The data will be encrypted and protected with Transport Layer Security (TLS) which provides three key layers of protection.The three layers are Encryption,Data integrity& Authentication.

How to activate https in blogger?

You can activate this in simple four steps.Most importantly this feature is currently not available for bloggers using custom domains.

  1. Login to blogger
  2. Select the blog
  3. Go to settings >Basic
  4. HTTPS redirect : Yes

https redirect

The settings will be saved automatically and blog will work on https.

blogspot site with https

Are you planning to move your blogspot blog to hyper text transfer protocol secure ?


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