How to use FTP? Filezilla basic tutorial for bloggers

Filezilla is the File transfer protocol (FTP) application to share files between server and client computer. Filezilla is popularly used by Website  owners/designers for uploading & downloading files to and from servers.It is also used in transferring files between organisations using server and client.It help to transfer bulk and large files between computers.The best part of filezilla is that it is free and industry best FTP Software.

Filezilla Server: Filezilla server is used to store data on your computer and it serves the data to the client when an authorized request is received. So Filezilla server is not our tool as a blogger.

Filezilla Client: This is the tools required to use by every blogger, website owner or web designer for transferring file from local computer to webhosting server computer.At the same time it is used to download file from server to local computer also.

Why Filiezila client for blogger?

Filezilla helps you to connect  web hosting server from your local computer to transfer new files to add functionality of  site or uploading a media files for the use of webpages etc.

For bloggers data backup of  blog is most important thing. We cannot always rely on web hosting. The files may lost due to various reasons like an attack by a hacker which can destroy all your files. Crashing of web servers ,Accident deletion ad files may become unusable due to viruses and malware infections.

So those are basic usage of filezilla.

How to Install Filezilla Client?

Download Filezilla client.

As always you will get an exe file namely something like “FileZilla_3.19.0_win32-setup”.

Double click on the on the setup file & follow the instructions in the screen.This will install filezilla client on your machine.

How to Use File Zilla?

After Installation Open the FTP from start menu.

Filezila icon

This will opens Filezilla FTP Interface.

filezila interface

We can split the main window  or interface of Filezilla into 6 parts based on its functionality.

  1. Tool Bar
  2. Quick connect
  3. Message Log
  4. Local pane
  5. Server Pane
  6. Transfer Queue

For connecting your computer with the server, you need to have server login credentials.You have to buy a hosting server if not have one.Here is a sample server details from

Sample hosting account

Now in the Quick connect bar of Filezilla enter login credential.

  • Host: Enter the web address or Server IP
  • User name: User name provided in the mail
  • Password: Password of your server

Quick connect bar

Click on Quick Connect button. FTP will connect you to the remote server.


In the Left pane,You can see the directory  and files of your computer and on the right side folders and files of your server.

How to upload a file to the remote server using Filezilla?

Select the file from local computer using browser option provided

Open destination folder to which we need to transfer file in the server. In common ,websites are stored in public.html or www folder in web hosting server  or in its sub directory.

For Example We are transferring a file namely image from your desktop to public.html\image folder of server

  • Select destination folder in which file required to be placed.Double clicking on a folder in the file pane will open that particular folder.
  • Select Files file from local computer ( you can select multiple files at a time by holding Ctrl Key)

Steps to upload file using FTP

Right Click on the file from local computer

Upload to server

  • Click on upload.The filezilla will begin transmission of the file to  the image folder of the server.below is the screen shot of transfer queue panel.It shows that One file already transferred and one file is in queue.
  • If transfer fails it will display in Failed transfer tab.You can open that tab right click on failed file and click on reset and re-queue all. it will go to Queued file agaian.
  • Right click on queued file and click on process queue .


Click and drag upload

You can upload by click and drag feature of filezilla. Just click the file and drag to the destination folder will do the same explained above.

Clcik and drag uplaod

How to download file from server to local computer?

The reverse of above process can do download from the server. Suppose you are downloading wp-content folder from server to local computer using ftp.

  • Select the file or folder wp-content located in your server.
  • Select the destination folder in which the folder is copied.For example: Backup
  • Right click on the source file ,in the context menu click download.The folder and all its content will be downloaded to local computer destination folder.


You can use drag and drop option to download the file.

Disconnect Filezilla from server

After successful transfer you can disconnect the remote server using shortcut Key Ctrl+D Or go to menu Server>Disconnect.

Hope this will help you in start with FTP Filezila and web server.This is the primary education required when you start blogging on hosted platform like wordpress. Drop a line of comment if you stuck somewhere in the learning process.Please share it in your social medias if you enjoy reading.

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