Custom domain for blogspot blog

Many bloggers are started blogging  with blogger ,and a tailed domain name.Blogspot is a hosted platform from google. The main advantage of blogspot is that, it is free and there is no limit for driving traffics  and hosting files on it .On the other hand  hosted platform like WordPress require a paid hosting service and it is limited to some extent in term of bandwidth & file storage. Blogger also have disadvantages over advantages while comparing with other functionality. We will discuss those parts later.Right now we will look into how  to map a custom domain to a blogger blog.

Before we start,Buy a custom domain from any domain registrar.I always recommend Godaddy because they provide maximum discount for the first year and their support is mind blowing . Let’s get started.

Login to blogspot blog

In the Blogger dash board click on Settings

Settings in blogger dashboard

In the settings page you will find an option “Setup a third party URL for your blog” Click on the link.The option will expand as shown in the below image.


Enter the url: Enter the domain name with www

Use a missing file host? :This let you point blogger to a fallback server in case the files are missing or file not found for some reasons,blogger will redirect the request to given fall back server and retrieve files from it.This feature is useful when you are using Blogger FTP Publishing. FTP Publishing allows you to publish your blog from blogspot and files can be stored in your own server. We will have a detailed discussion on this topic in later posts.

Keep it No for Now.

Click Save button,The settings will return an error 12 message.We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12. 

We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12

Now Open another tab in your browser and login to the domain control panel.I bought this domain from

Godaddy login

In domain control panel click Domains>All Domain

Click on domain name you want to point to the blogger.

Godaddy control panel

In Domain details page click on DNS Zone File


Adding an A record

A record is the DNS record that holds which IP address the domain should point to. By default, this will point to the IP address for your domain registrar hosting package.You can change this so that the domain points to a different IP address. Here we want to point our domain to blogger server. Blogger provides 4 ip address to set A record.These IP address can be used for everyone.

Delete any existing a record & click on save changes.

Lets add the first ip Click on Add record.


Add Zone record popup will appear, in the drop down list

  • Recored type:  A ( Host)
  • Host :  @
  • Points to :
  • TTL : 1 Hour

A host record

Click on Add another ,Add all four and click Finish button after adding fourth one.


Click on Save changes.

Adding C Name record

Next and final step is adding a CNAME record as displayed in blogger error message. Delete existing host www if already exist.


To Add CNAME ,clcik on Add record again ,in the popup choose CNAME and enter the details as displayed in blogger.

Name, Label or Host field      Destination, Target or Points To field



Click Add another.Enter second host and destination

Add zone record

Click on Finish.

Save CNAME Record

After adding all records the The DNS zone will look like below.


After saving file Go to blogger dashboard again. click on save button

We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12

Still error is showing wait for 1 or two hours, propagation takes time depends on service provider.It took me four hours to complete propagation.After saving the custom domain the setting will display as shown below.

Saved settings

Now blog will work on your own domain name even with every internal pages. You don’t need to worry about loosing traffics from google as it is indexed your old blogspot domain. An automatic SEO friendly 301 redirection will be given to the new domain by blogger hence no need to worry about loosing link juice.

How to redirect non www version to www?

Using current setting your blog will only work with www version of the blog.That  is, when you type  naked domain eg: the browser will return an error message.To overcome the issue you have to redirect to To do this.

Edit custom domain

Tick the check box Redirect to & click save.


Now your blog will work perfectly on www and non www versions.

Haven’t you changed your old blogspot tailed blog to your own custom domain yet?


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